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So you now have a web site.  Now comes the hard work.  Web sites represent two type of businesses: an existing business with a physical presence and one that exists only in cyberspace.

Marketing Brick and Mortar Businesses

Marketing Cyber Businesses - Ideas besides listing with search engines and directories.

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It is much easier to market a brick and mortar business. 

Printed Media

An existing brick and mortar business can immediately advertise its cyber presence by placing its URL on business cards, sales slips, envelopes, and all personalized business supplies.  Such a business might want to offer existing customers / clients an incentive to access their web site.  The nature of the desired business would dictate the type of incentive that might be offered.

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Snail Mail Mail Out

Existing business with established client base may want to use a mail out to announce web presence.  If business normally mails printed material, plan to include a filler announcing the new site. 

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Newspaper, Radio, TV, Trade Publications

Your new business may or may not have a regional appeal.  If business has regional affiliation, an advertising campaign in the region may be a good starting point.

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Solicit Links from Existing Online Businesses

Finding and building links can be quite easy for some businesses and much harder for others.  A club featuring Texas Music Concerts can requests links from the artists performing at the club. An arts association can request links from member artists and galleries in the area.  If business is an asset to local community in which it is located ask to be listed with local Chamber of Commerce.

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Pay for Clicks

Most Search Engines have an advertising program in place.  You may want to investigate some of the programs available.  Investigate any program you are considering.  There are many unscrupulous schemes just waiting for you.  If it sounds too good to be true ...

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E-bay Sales

When marketing certain items that might be saleable on e-bay you might consider e-bay sales to put your business in front of one segment of the population interested in the item you are marketing. 

Press Releases

Press releases are a good way to announce to the media be it newspaper, radio, or TV significant information relating to your business.

Check out DigitalPoint for press release ideas.

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