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Monitoring Uptime

A web site that is not online 27/7 can cause damage your business reputation.  Once a prospective customer finds site down he/she normally looks elsewhere and does not return.  Site monitoring services or a customized bot are excellent ways to watch for connectivity issues.  Good hosts boast of a 99+ percent uptime. 

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Monitoring SERPs

Your search engine result positions (SERPs) are critical to your web site being found.  Poor SERPs result in poor web site performance and affect your pocketbook.  There are many tools available to help monitor and track your search results. Some of my favorite tools are provided by DigialPoint.  Google lists the date your page was cached. Yahoo and MSN do not.  To find the cached date for Yahoo go do search on HotBot. 

To monitor your keywords, pagerank, and back links go to DigitalPoint's page and create an account.  Creating an account, script etc takes a few minutes.  Enter your keywords and URLs and your are on your way.

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Monitoring Statistics

A good hosting package provides statistics for your site through programs such as Urchin, Awstats, Webalizer etc..  The information gained from your statistics can provide an excellent tool for fine tuning your optimization and helping with site administration..

As you monitor you are going to find problems with referrer spam and need to control web site access through htacces, provided you are running on an Apache server..  You will find many discussions of ways to deal with with referrer spam.  Just do a Google search for referrer span and look at some of the mod rewrite techniques.  See some helpful and not so helpful ideas on site administration.

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Monitoring for Backlinks

All three major search engines have a link command.  Don't be confused when using them.  You are comparing apples to oranges.

In an attempt to keep webmasters from manipulating search results Google has made its link command useless. returns a sampling of the sites linked to your home page only.   To better monitor backlinks to your web use one  of  the  following Yahoo commands.  (Finds ALL of the links reported for every page on your entire site.) –  (Finds ALL of the links reported for every page on your entire site from external domains.) – – (Find ALL of the links reported for every page on your entire site excluding a sitewide links from a particular domain.

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Monitoring for Piracy

Web piracy appears to be a growing practice.  Programs such as  Copyscape allow you to check for copyright infringement.

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Monitoring for Cloaking

Yesterday when checking for fresh dates I found two of my SERPs had my name, my title, but another's webmaster's URL.  It is early in my investigation but it appears a black hat used a redirect to take over my SERPs as his own thus getting him listed Google.  By making use of my SERPs he was driving  traffic to his site and making money by running adsense.

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Monitoring to make sure content is current

Of all of the areas mentioned above monitoring for current content is one of the more labor intensive task a webmaster needs to routinely perform.  It is very easy to forget to change a date, address, phone number or date specific announcement.  We all need to take the time to read the content on our sites regularly.

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Some Google Monitoring Metrics

Allinanchor = The ranking based on the amount of times a KW shows up in anchor text on a link. (Pretty much knew this already)
Allintitle = The ranking based on the amount of times a KW shows up in the title of a particular domain?
Allintext = The ranking based on the amount of times a KW shows up in text?
Allinurl = The ranking based on the amount of times a KW shows up in a url?

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