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       Listing With Search Engines and Directories

As soon as your site is completed, optimized, and online it is time to list with search engines and directories.


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Currently there are three main search engines which bring in all the traffic.  They are Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  Listing with search engines is as easy as obtaining a link from an existing page that is frequently spidered.  You must list with directories, however.

I find it helpful to keep a list of the directories with whom I have listed, the date I submitted, and the date I find the site listed.  I also keep a list showing when I find site listed in the big three search engines.

You can expect to experience the "now you see it now you don't" phenomenon.  One day you search and see you have been picked up by, say Google.  Two days later you search and you are no where to be found in the search engine. This is due to the fact that search engines draw results from different servers and new results take time to propagate through all the servers in their system. 

Preparing to List

Before listing with search engines and directories it helps to have the following information at your fingertips

  • Title of Web Site (Keep to 8 words or less)

  • Description of Web (keep to 25 words or less)

  • Keywords for site

Some directories ask for only the URL others require the information listed above.

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Listing with DMOZ (Open Directory) and other directories

To list with the Open Directory go to  Find the appropriate category to which site belongs and click on submit a site.  Fill in the blanks and submit. 

The Open Directory furnishes results to All the Web, AltaVista, Gigablast, Google USENET, Google, HotBot, Lycos, Teoma, WiseNut, Yahoo.

Once you are listed DMOZ you will be included in Google's directory. 

If your site is non-commercial you may currently list in Yahoo's directory for free.  Since typical users do not use directories for search purposes the main benefit for listing with directories is to furnish an extra link to your site in the SERPs.

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