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What are the advantages of a web presence?

A web presence symbolizes a forward thinking company.  Web sites offer increased visibility with affordable advertising cost.  Printed marketing materials are expensive and can not be revised without reprinting whereas a simple web site revisions is relatively inexpensive.

Interactive web sites offer the advantage of providing service 24/7 without having to pay for round the clock staffing costs.  Such sites enable clients to conduct business on their own schedule and avoid the strain of having to tend to business over the lunch hour or deal with impersonal time consuming telephone menus.

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What is the cost?

A discussion of factors influencing web development costs is presented on the cost page of our sister site.  We prefer to visit with each potential customer to determine the customers needs before quoting the cost of a web.  Fixed costs include cost of domain name and hosting services.  A small web site is an economical way to advertise and build a customer base. 

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Does e-commerce pay?

Our clients have had extremely positive experiences with e-commerce.  See: A case study regarding the profitability of e-commerce.  The earlier you get into e-commerce the quicker you can start to build your loyal client base

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Why should I use a web developer?

The long and short of it is time and money. The time needed for a novice to do the research, create and optimize the site, list with search engines, and monitor the site daily can be spent more productively in doing what the novice knows best.  Extreme expenditures in time are involved in developing the skills needed to develop a site and keeping up with web trends.  Besides the time involved you will need to budget for software and reference books for your web project.  A professional web developer can do the job quickly and much more economically than you can do it for yourself.

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Would a forum be a good idea?

Forums are a great way to build community but take a considerable amount of time to get started and administer.  You must monitor them constantly due to rampant spamming by pornography peddlers whose only reason for joining are to leave the URL of their pornographic sites.  Guestbooks present similar problems.

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We would love to meet with you to determine your unique needs and offer advice as you pursue your presence in cyberspace.


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